TEQRUN Mechanical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading specialist company providing high quality standard and customized marine, locomotive and industrial engine spare parts including piston, cylinder liner, valve spindle, seat ring, piston ring and valve guide. ALL the parts are produced by EU industrial manufacturing standards and customerized specifications.

TEQRUN Machinery is fully committed to the highest standards of quality in all our products and services. We implemented Zero Defect Management System throughout products lifecycle from stages of customer needs analysis to after sale service. Targeting continuous improvement of our products performance, we work very hard with engineers and customers for quality plan, first articles verifications, FMEA, in-process control, final inspection and corrective/ preventive actions and so on.

TEQRUN has established a nationwide network of sourcing professionals, top quality vendors and distribution systems all over China, which allow TEQRUN to supply spare parts out of our production range and provide comprehensive service and shipping to customers all over the world.

TEQRUN will be your best business partner by providing top quality parts with very competitive price and on time delivery in China and all over the world.

The list below is a presentation of major products we currently provide. If you have any special requirements, we will be pleased to provide you the best service.